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Transforming Global Business Communication: A Year-Long Video Production Journey

August 03, 20232 min read

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We pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses large and small communicate their brand and values through the power of video. One of our most exciting projects to date involved partnering with a multinational corporation to rejuvenate their entire video content collection used for recruiting, training, marketing, and more.

One of the videos that was created to showcase a global consulting firm.

The Challenge

We were approached us with a challenge: create an extensive video collection, critical to many areas of their business. They wanted to bring their story to life across their global offices, capturing the diverse voices and experiences of their team members in an engaging and authentic way.

Our Solution

Recognizing the vast scope and potential of this project, we embarked on a year-long journey, traveling to multiple offices around the US. Our goal was to film a broad range of content, including interviews with employees, workplace footage, and snippets of daily operations to create a comprehensive video catalog adaptable for various business needs.

The Process

Our journey started at their local Boston office, where we collaborated closely with their marketing department to understand their vision and objectives. This successful shoot laid the groundwork for the ensuing year of global content creation.

In each location, our team set up professional filming environments that captured the unique atmosphere and culture of every office.

The Final Product

The culmination of this project is an extensive, dynamic video catalog that provides a comprehensive look into operations, culture, and values. These assets, which you can preview in this blog, now serve as powerful tools for marketing, recruiting, sales, and training purposes.

The Impact

Since the completion of this project, The client has successfully incorporated these new videos into their various strategic initiatives. They've reported improved engagement in recruitment campaigns, more effective training sessions, and increased conversion rates in their marketing and sales efforts.


Through this project we have once again seen the transformative power of video content when used strategically across different areas of a business. We are proud to have played a role in enhancing communication and storytelling at a global level.

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Jon is the founder of AM Creative

Jon Almas

Jon is the founder of AM Creative

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