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Building Trust and Credibility: A Video Testimonial for a Premier Builder

August 05, 20232 min read

The team at AM Creative recently had the pleasure of working with an esteemed builder, dedicated to creating quality homes and lasting relationships with their clients. To showcase their exceptional service and customer satisfaction, we helped them produce a compelling video testimonial.

A snippet from the full testimonial used for short form video marketing

The Challenge

In the highly competitive field of home construction and remodeling, our client, the builder, sought to distinguish their business by emphasizing their unique value and superior service. They wanted to foster trust and generate social proof for future clients. The challenge was to authentically convey these attributes and the homeowner's satisfaction through a powerful video testimonial.

Our Solution

Understanding the builder's goals, we designed a comprehensive plan to document a home build and the homeowner's experience. We focused on creating a testimonial video that would speak directly to the concerns and interests of prospective clients seeking a reliable builder for a large design and build project.

The Content

To capture the builder's unique value and relevant topics to prospective clients, we crafted a series of thoughtful questions for the homeowner. These were designed to delve into their experience with the builder, from the initial stages of planning to the final execution of the project.

The Filming Process

Upon arriving at the homeowner's property, we transformed their space into a professional yet cozy film set, setting up our cameras and lighting equipment. We then engaged the homeowner in a friendly and casual conversation, creating a comfortable atmosphere for them to share their experience openly and honestly.

The Final Product

The final video, embedded here in the blog, is a candid and powerful testimonial that encapsulates the builder's commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and unique value. The homeowner's story not only highlights their satisfaction with the builder's services but also provides valuable insights to potential clients on what to expect when working with the builder.

The Impact

Since its completion, this video testimonial has become an invaluable asset in the builder's marketing and sales toolkit. It has played a crucial role in establishing trust with potential clients, showcasing the builder's expertise, and giving a real-world example of the kind of satisfaction their clients experience.


We believe in the power of video testimonials to connect businesses with their clients on a personal level. We are proud to help our clients, like this builder, tell their stories and communicate their value through engaging and authentic video content.

The full length testimonial video

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Jon is the founder of AM Creative

Jon Almas

Jon is the founder of AM Creative

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