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Bringing Rhythm to the Digital World: Launching Drumroom with Zach Field Drums and Music

August 05, 20232 min read

“I felt like they knew more about my business than I did!

We recognize the diverse ways in which video can enhance a product launch, offering a compelling visual medium to communicate value and generate excitement. We were thrilled to recently collaborate with Zach Field Drums and Music on their launch of Drumroom, a cutting-edge drum teaching software.

The final Drumroom sales video

The Challenge

Zach Field approached us with a need: a dynamic video to accompany the launch of Drumroom, his innovative drum teaching software. The challenge lay in effectively communicating the value of this unique tool and the key problems it aimed to solve for drumming students and teachers alike.

Our Solution

To accomplish this, we worked closely with Zach to strategize the key elements his clients would find valuable in the software. Understanding these, we built a content strategy that highlighted Drumroom's unique selling points and the benefits it offers users.

The Content Creation

Our strategy revolved around a casual Q&A session with Zach in his music teaching space. By transforming this space into a filming set, we aimed to capture the essence of the software in the environment it was designed for. This setting also allowed Zach to present his software in a relaxed, authentic manner.

The Filming Process

Upon setting up our professional-grade cameras and lighting equipment, we engaged Zach in a conversational Q&A session. This format allowed us to delve into the features and benefits of Drumroom while showcasing Zach's passion and expertise.

The Final Product

The final video, which you can view in this blog post, presents an engaging and in-depth look at Drumroom. Zach's detailed walkthrough of the software, paired with his insights into its creation and intended use, creates an informative and engaging piece that complements Drumroom's sales campaign and website content.

The Impact

Since the launch of the Drumroom video, Zach Field Drums and Music has reported an uptick in interest and inquiries about the software. The video has not only effectively communicated the benefits of Drumroom but also added a personal touch to the sales campaign by featuring Zach himself.

Conclusion & Zach's Thoughts

Our collaboration with Zach Field Drums and Music highlights the impact that targeted video content can have on a product launch. We are committed to helping our clients share their innovations with the world through the power of video.

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Jon is the founder of AM Creative

Jon Almas

Jon is the founder of AM Creative

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